la Falconara



Surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, la Falconara is a country estate on a hilltop.

Dating back to the end of  the XVIII century, it was the life-centre of rural families

who lived and worked this land.

Today it is your personal authentic Tuscan retreat. A place to drop the bags, the tribulations.

Delight in genuine old-world hospitality. In your own time.



Choose any room you like.

Curated with tradition and our own personal touches in mind, our rooms propose a simple authentic elegance with the perks of modern conveniences.

From colours and textures, to balance and comfort, we are sure you will find the one.

Just listen and it will sing to you.





Breakfast is a glorious affair at La Falconara. As you gently wake from probably the best sleep you’ve had in years, an effusion of savoury aromas will lead you to our Cantinello, where a traditional homemade breakfast awaits you.

Il Cantinello

Once the old house cellar, il Cantinello has been redesigned, true to custom, into our little ‘great hall’. 

Carefully preserved and tenderly accoutred, it is the heart of La Falconara, harbouring friends and guests. 

Garden & Pool


Refresh the day and enjoy a dip in our secluded swimming pool surrounded by the ambrosial perfume of our gardens, lush with a variety of native Tuscan florae, and avenues of olive groves, all against a spectacular panoramic backdrop.

Tourist Advice


Get the most out of your holiday in Tuscany as we present you with our top travel tips and sightseeing advice, from locales and transportation to food and wine.

Private Events


From “Happy Birthday” to “I do”, La Falconara offers the perfect mise en scene for hosting one-of-a-kind

celebrations set against a magical rustic atmosphere in Tuscan style.

We turn special occasions into memories to last a lifetime.

Olive Oil Tasting


Centuries-old tradition echoes through the stone walls of this quaint & revived farmhouse, which proudly still produces its own Extra Virgin Olive Oil, drawn from the richly-seasoned olive groves stretching the property. 



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Wine Tasting


When it comes to wine country, Tuscany gets all the attention.

For the most regal private experience at La Falconara, we are pleased to offer a curated tour to one of the most prestigious wineries in Montepulciano.



Barely 10 minutes away the medieval village of Montepulciano awaits.

Discover at your own pace a treasure trove of osterias,

trattorias, and local artisanal crafts as you ascend and meander through archaic avenues and tight alleys,

enchanting you back in time to a noble era.

Cooking Lessons


Why not begin your own Tuscan traditions at home and pamper your culinary skills with a cooking lesson with one of our local partner.



Our dreams took some time to unravel, but the decision was so simple. It was time for an adventure. 


When it comes to reclaiming one’s time…we really get it. Time is our area of expertise. We met in Switzerland. Both with backgrounds in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Both living at breakneck speed day in and day out, in every which way except the present. Sound familiar? Years eventually turned into a couple of decades. Ironically, we were in the business of selling time, the very thing we were deprived of.